Farmers and Producers Doing It the Organic Way

Farmers and Producers Doing It the Organic Way

Jules Kirby-SmithNov 21, '20

When we decided to set up Fridge of Plenty, two things were at the front of our minds: sustainability and delicious food. We wanted to see if we could create a grocery shop that offers the full range of products, all sourced locally and produced sustainably, without too many compromises. 

We are proud to say that all of our fruit and vegetable suppliers are certified organic by the Soil Association, because they farm in a way that avoids man-made fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives. That means soil, insects, animals and human health are all better protected.

Our fruit and veg deliveries are co-ordinated by the brilliant team at Better Food Shed, who provide logistical support so that these farmers can focus on growing amazing food.

Here's a list of our lovely fruit and veg growers: 

Sarah Greens Organics – Tillingham, Essex

Sarah Green's Organics is a 35-acre farm located on the east Essex coast, 50 miles east of London. Sarah is the third generation of her family farming on the Dengie Peninsula but is the first to grow organic. Sarah produces a wide selection of seasonal organic veg all year round. She's interested in growing unusual and heritage varieties as well as the staples, and she has a stall at the Growing Communities market, supplies a range of restaurants and runs her own box scheme. Super woman!

Ripple Organics – Crundale, Kent

Ripple is a 40-acre farm based in between Ashford and Canterbury. Martin and Sarah Mackey have farmed here for over 30 years, as well as running their own veg box scheme. Their sustainability ethos includes: sustainable growing methods in harmony with nature; reducing food miles; re-using and reducing packaging; and providing sustainable, local employment. Ripple supply us with a range of seasonal veg and salad – a lot of potatoes, squash and greens! 

Hughes Organic – Bunwell, Norfolk

Grahame Hughes has been growing organically in Norfolk since 1982, and selling produce from other organic farmers in East Anglia since the early 1990s. Based in Norfolk, Grahame Hughes grows in a one-acre glasshouse, and produces a range of high-quality seasonal vegetables including lettuce, heritage tomatoes, aubergines, beans and greens. 

Wild Country Organics – Great Abington, Cambridge

Wild Country Organics farm is owned and managed by grower Adrian Izzard. They sell at many markets across London and the South, mostly supplying premium greens (tatsoi, pak choi, spinach, kale), salads and some other glasshouse produce (aubergines, tomatoes, peppers) mid-season. 

Capel Mushrooms – Capel St Mary, Suffolk

Capel Mushrooms is a family run business set up by Peter Hearne in 1962, and converted to organic in 1988 - which probably makes them the first organic mushroom farm in the UK. Closed cap white mushrooms, brown and portobello mushrooms are grown on organic compost, which they create in their own compost-making facility. The base material is wheat straw from organically grown wheat, and at the end of the mushroom cropping cycle most of the spent mushroom compost is sent to another nearby farm. 

Oakwood Farm – Robertsbridge, East Sussex

Oakwood Farm is one of only a few small licensed-organic orchards in the Sussex High Weald. Owned by Matthew and Carol Wilson, the farm achieved full organic status in September 1999 and has been producing a great range of fabulous apples varieties ever since. Matthew and Carol are passionate about the environmental benefits of organic farming. "Organic production means sustaining a natural, diverse and healthy balance between the crop the farmer introduces, and the surrounding ecosystem of good soil and beneficial wildlife - such as plants, insects, mammals and birds - that control fruit pests." Apple varieties grown on the farm are: Cox, Egremont Russet, Fiesta, Ida Red, Jonagold, Spartan, Falstaff and Adams Pearmain, with new varieties being introduced all the time.

Peach & Pippin - Manningtree, Essex

Based over four acres of certified organic land, Ian and Rebecca set up the family-run enterprise as a teaching centre, a woodland and an orchard. They are both actually teachers, but also have a habit of complicating their lives with social enterprises, green projects, apple pressing extravaganzas and lots of gardening. Ian has a history in environmental education and enterprise, teaches mindfulness, meditation and Chi Gung. Rebecca works in education as a system leader for a multi-academy Trust. 

Mole End Farm – Kent

Paul Ward and Sara Rowan started growing fruit organically in 1994, after discovering that 90% of the UK organic fruit market was supplied by imports, sending the environmental benefits of these production systems abroad. They now grow fruit on five sites in Kent, which include conservation areas to provide biodiversity and a home for the natural predators who feed on the crop’s insect pests. 

Bore Farm – Kent

Located on the grounds of Bore Place in Chiddingstone, Kent, these organic vegetable gardens are found among Bore Place's large gardens, historic house and conference/education centre. The vegetable gardens are run by Head Grower, Metske Van Der Laan, and are key to the centre's work with young people, providing work experience for those in the Grow to Grow programme, such as supported placements for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. Metske and his team grow a variety of fantastic organic seasonal produce: huge lettuces, squashes, celeriac, beetroot, cabbages and lots of greens. 

Langridge – Feltham, London

Langridge is an organic wholesaler based in West London, which also has its own farms, including Langridge Farm in Devon run by David Govier. The farm consists of 270 acres of traditional mixed organic land, split between vegetable production, livestock and mixed-managed woodland. David’s main crops are spinach, chards and kales. He also grows some wonderful purple and white sprouting broccoli along with hearty cabbage. 

Nash Nursery – Canterbury, Kent

Andy Ward is based in Canterbury and farms on 80 acres of land. He grows a wide range of seasonal veg and salad, whilst running his own veg box scheme and wholesale operation.

Newfields Organics – Fadmore, North Yorkshire

Located on the southern edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, Newfields Organics sits on 300 acres and is now run by Farm Manager John. Rosemary and her late husband Howard set up the farm in 1986 – ‘for our family, organic growing has always been an application of our faith, and our belief in social and environmental justice’. Approximately half of the farm lies on sandy loam soils over yellow sand and limestone, the remainder is on black peaty soils over sandstone. 60 acres of the land is dedicated to wheat, oats and spring barley, about 12 acres for livestock feeding, 20 acres for potatoes and 19 acres for vegetables.