Meet the Makers: Wildes Cheese

Meet the Makers: Wildes Cheese

Jules Kirby-SmithDec 11, '20

If you take a drive to Tottenham, follow the suburban streets to a small industrial estate and then pull in on the right, you'll find Wildes Cheese - an award-winning artisan cheese-making company run by Philip Wilton and his small, dedicated team.

Philip and his partner Keith Sides started Wildes (a portmanteau of their two surnames, we presume) in June 2012 after Philip was made redundant from his job as a management consultant. Wildes Cheese started in their kitchen before moving into a small garage space on a North London industrial estate, and then to their current space. 

Philip describes the reason he started making cheese: “because it's pure magic, a form of alchemy; you take a ubiquitous product like milk and then with a little sprinkling of magic and months later, you have cheese... Mild cheese, strong cheese, blue cheese, hard cheese or soft – it’s a wow!” 

They are passionate about quality and provenance, and have concentrated on creating their own range of cheeses rather than reproducing existing typesThey use milk from a single herd of cows that graze the fields of Rye, East Sussex, and use vegetarian rennet, time, and a lot of love and passion. 

They are also well-known for their brilliant cheese-making classes at the micro dairy in Tottenham – where they fling open their doors and show the world the truly immersive and fun experience of cheese making. You can find out more at