Sarah Green’s Field Notes, Weds 25th November

Sarah Green’s Field Notes, Weds 25th November

Jules BreatnachNov 26, '20

Last week the fields remain too wet for us to weed our Spring Greens and Spinach, and despite the short days the weeds continue to emerge and grow around the young vegetable plants. 

We gave up any hope of planting Broad beans and Garlic last week following 18mm of rainfall. We have some space spare in the poly-tunnels so have planted out three quarters of our Garlic undercover in the tunnels.  Last year we trialled a couple of rows of Garlic in the poly-tunnels and they were a great success, and easier to weed. Hand hoeing in the poly-tunnels is always a welcome job on a wet day.  

The field team have strawed up our Rhubarb and Globe Artichoke beds. We use the straw as a mulch to suppress the weeds and this is a very successful way to keep the weeds under control. 

We have grown Jerusalem Artichokes for the first time this year. My daughter (aged 7) planted them in the Spring lockdown and we have watched them grow to over 6ft tall and then flower. We have had a dig around one of the plants and there are plenty of tubers and they look a promising crop for the new year.

For those of you that believe Brussel Sprouts and Parsnips taste better after a frost you’ll be relieved that these winter staples will now be at their best, following the first frost on Friday morning.