Sarah Green's Field Notes, Wednesday 17th March

Sarah Green's Field Notes, Wednesday 17th March

Jules BreatnachMar 17, '21

Last week we passed our 17th annual organic Soil Association inspection. What a year to look back on! I can hardly believe it was 17 years ago that Dad and I were sowing our first organic vegetable seeds. The weather and weeds are still the biggest challenges we face, things haven’t changed over the years!  

The inspector usually spends a day with us going through paperwork and taking a walk around the organic fields and visiting the packing barn.This year it was a four-hour remote inspection via a video call on a wet and windy day. I didn’t mind being indoors and out of the bad weather.

The wind has felt relentless this week but it’s not a bad thing as the land is drying out nicely. We have had two tractors out in the fields with toppers on, chopping up old vegetable plants ready for compost spreading and ploughing. Maybe we’ll be able to start next week - maybe we’ll need to be patient for another week. I will continue to watch the forecast and I am optimistic we’ll still get our early potatoes, lettuce, beetroot, cabbage and kohl rabi planted out, and the first radish drilled in the field before the end of the month.

The first blossom is starting to appear in the hedgerows, but we’re still in our woolly hats outside working in the fields. We’re making slow progress weeding the spring greens, so I think we’ll have to have an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to get them weeded this week and off the To Do list.