Sarah Green's Field Notes, Wednesday 24th March

Sarah Green's Field Notes, Wednesday 24th March

Jules Kirby-SmithMar 25, '21

The first delivery of field vegetable plants of 2021 have arrived! The lorry delivered three pallets full of Chard, Beetroot, Spring Onions, Lettuce and Spinach plants on Wednesday. These plants have been unloaded and now wait patiently in the farmyard for the weather to become more settled so we can get on the land.

In readiness for a drier week, as forecasted, we have got the compost spreader out of the shed and serviced. Our neighbouring farmer who does the ploughing for us is on standby ready to plough the compost into the soil as soon as the conditions are dry enough. If we become impatient and do the land work when the land is still too wet, we not only make a mess, but we can ruin the soil structure for the plants and they just won’t thrive. We remind ourselves that it is still mid-March and the soil is still cold so no need to panic! Easier said than done when I see on social media other organic growers busy planting. The hedgerows are starting to show glimmers of green as the Hawthorn is coming into leaf and soon our organic fields will be alive with activity.

We are now creeping closer to the Hungry Gap.  This is the period when the over-wintered vegetables have come to their natural end and the new season’s vegetables are still small plants, growing in April and May ready for harvesting in June. One of the pleasures of eating seasonally is that, when the Hungry Gap is over and the first Broad Beans, Lettuce, New Potatoes, Radish and Beetroot are ready to enjoy, they taste absolutely superb!

Picture credit: Nikola Jovanovic