Sarah Green's Field Notes, Weds 17th February

Sarah Green's Field Notes, Weds 17th February

Jules BreatnachFeb 19, '21

The weather forecast was correct and the first snow arrived last Sunday. We had checked all weather forecasts on Friday evening and made the last-minute decision to harvest the root vegetables for the following week on Saturday, just before the snowfall. The field team kindly came in to work on Saturday - to harvest and wash Celeriac, Beetroot, Parsnips, Swede, Radish, Jerusalem Artichokes, Turnips and Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

The snow makes everything look beautiful when it first falls. Snow on a Sunday fills me with joy, sledging and fun with my children. Snow on a Monday fills me with dread, but we managed to get all our orders packed and delivered on time. The packing barn was as cold as outside in the fields, with snow blowing in through the roof! We were fuelled by hot cups of tea and biscuits, and as soon as possible everyone went home early to warm up.

By Thursday, when the snow had thawed a little to allow us to see rows of Leeks, Swede, Parsnip ,we couldn’t harvest them as the land was frozen solid.

As usual we took part in the annual Big Farmland Bird Count, with the snow bringing in plenty of visitors to the farm to be spotted. Judith noted 22 species in total including a large flock of Skylarks. Next week’s newsletter will have more details on the bird survey and the recent birds visiting the farm.

Image: David Griffiths