Sarah Green's Field Notes, Weds 20th January

Sarah Green's Field Notes, Weds 20th January

Jules BreatnachJan 20, '21

Last week was cold and Thursday was horribly wet. I have now measured over 2 inches of rainfall for January so far. The field team harvested the necessary vegetables for orders on Thursday and then went home to warm up and dry out.

Both vans managed to negotiate localised flooding in east Essex to deliver the Vegetable Boxes on Thursday, with Brian and Mum and Dad relieved to get back to the farm safely. Friday was dry overhead but the vegetable fields were very wet. Several rows of leeks stood in water - thankfully the whole field wasn’t submerged. Amazingly the parsnip beds are so wet we can just pull parsnips from the ground, no forks required!

What a contrast to the previous Friday when the ground was frozen solid. Dad, Stuart and I have made a start on our cropping plan for this year’s growing season. It is our seventeenth year growing organic vegetables, and the first time that Dad and I haven’t sat at a kitchen table together to plan it out, due to current lockdown restrictions. We managed to make a start on the cropping plan via video call on our mobile phones.

Despite the mornings still being very dark, the afternoons are drawing out now and dusk creeps in after 4.30pm. Our propagators will soon be sowing the first beetroot, lettuce, cabbage, kohl rabi and spring onion seeds for us to plant out in the field in March. Spring will soon be around the corner.