Sarah Green's Field Notes, Weds 2nd December

Sarah Green's Field Notes, Weds 2nd December

Jules Kirby-SmithDec 4, '20

We’ve had a settled week and the land is drying up nicely, so much so that we have finally planted our first Broad Beans. We have been patiently waiting for the land to be dry enough for us to get on the field with a tractor and bedformer and we managed on Tuesday!  

With blue skies and sunshine, it was a perfect November afternoon to plant Broad Beans, although chilly sitting on the back of the planter. The field team also successfully planted the remaining Garlic. The Broad Beans and Garlic will be ready to pick and enjoy in June next year.  It’s most satisfying that we are now up to date with all our planting in the fields for this year.

Taking advantage of the weather window, the brushweeder has been out at work in the field rescuing rows of Spring Greens and Spinach from weeds that continue to slowly grow.  Now that these crops have been brushweeded we will follow down the rows hand hoe-ing between the plants - a nice job on a sunny day, not so nice with a cold easterly wind blowing.

After 10 days of pumping water into our reservoir we have turned the pump off for the time being.  When it rains again we will be able to continue the slow and steady job of filling up our reservoir ready for next year’s growing season.  Our reservoir holds 6 million gallons of water and it usually takes 60 days of pumping water continually to fill it.