Baby Nash Cheese, approx 330g


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Nash has a creamy texture, and a flavour that's buttery at first then developing a more mature aftertaste. This cheese is happy to mature for a few months at home if you like - here's how to look after it:

  • Place the cheese on a small trivet to help air circulation, in a cardboard box with a glass of water nearby to raise humidity.
  • Leave in a cool place such as the salad tray of your fridge (or wine fridge, cool room, shed, garage)
  • Turn upside down every couple of days
  • The cheese may grow a little furry, remove this once a week using a cloth dampened in a brine solution 
  • Eat when you are ready!

Ingredients: milk, vegetarian rennet

Wildes Cheeses are hand-made in Tottenham by Philip Wilton and his dedicated team. Award-winning independent artisan cheese-makers, they are passionate about quality and provenance and have created their own unique range of cheeses rather than reproduce other types.