The Garlic Farm, Black Garlic Bulb x2


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If you have not had this before, it really is quite special. Naturally heat-aged over a period of months this garlic is a highly sought-after ingredient in top restaurants world wide. The secret month-long ageing process turns white garlic beautifully dark & soft, giving a unique sweet flavour. Its perfect sweet syrupy flavour and garlic undertones make it a very versatile ingredient with a host of culinary uses. It is also delicious simply as a snack without the fear of garlic breath.

Box contains 2 bulbs.

Created by The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight, where they have been growing garlic on the island ever since Granny Norah planted the first few cloves in her garden over 60 years ago. They now grow many different varieties, as well as hosting talks and events including an annual Garlic Festival.