Jai's Ice Cream, Blackberry and Lemon Lactose-free Ice Cream 500ml


Jai's Ice Cream

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Silky smooth blackberry ice cream with bundles of dark and juicy blackberries in every tub (a whole third, in fact!). Balanced with a little lemon zest and juice and a dash of buttermilk to cut through the sweetness of the berries and add a gentle zing.

IngredientsMilkcream, sugar, blackberries, free-range egg yolk, dextrose, lemon juice, sea salt, pure guar gum, pure carob tree flour, lactase enzyme.

Jai's Ice Cream is the UK's first lactose-free dairy ice cream and it's made in Muswell Hill! Fresh dairy milk, cream and free-range egg yolks go into every batch - then a bit of all-natural magic is added in the form of a lactase enzyme. This helpfully breaks down the natural sugars in the dairy, making it lactose-free and easy to digest.