Cinnamon Lactose-free Ice Cream 500ml


Jai's Ice Cream

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Ice cream made with ‘true’ organic Ceylon cinnamon, which is not the same as the cinnamon we generally buy in the supermarket (which is actually cassia bark). Ceylon cinnamon has a much more nuanced, floral and rounded flavour.                                      

Ingredients: Milk, Cream, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Quills, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, Sugar, Free Range Egg Yolk, Dextrose, Sea Salt, Pure Guar Gum, Pure Carob Tree Flour, Lactase Enzyme 

Jai's Ice Cream is the UK's first lactose-free dairy ice cream and it's made in Muswell Hill! Fresh dairy milk, cream and free-range egg yolks go into every batch - then a bit of all-natural magic is added in the form of a lactase enzyme. This helpfully breaks down the natural sugars in the dairy, making it lactose-free and easy to digest.