Fungi Porcini Truffled Camemvert 140g


Palace Cutlure

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Weekly special with Fungi Porcini. Palace Culture use pure organic cashews and live cultures, Halen Môn Anglesey sea salt, soft in the inside and a white camembert mold rind on the outside. A distinctive camembert white truffle taste, medium sharp. 100% plant-based, vegan. Aged for 2 to 3 weeks.

Ingredients: Organic soaked raw cashews, filtered water, live cultures, truffle oil, full fat organic coconut milk, Cornish sea salt. Allergen: cashews.

Palace Culture was born in the Crystal Palace kitchen of the Parmigiani family, when Mirko's young son's dairy intolerance led him to develop a delicious dairy-free cheese for the family to enjoy. They now make their artisan cheeses at Spa Terminus, Bermondsey, using a traditional process of fermentation, which creates beneficial enzymes and strains of gut-friendly live cultures, B-vitamins and minerals.