Kombucha Making Workshop (Saturday 1st of June, 5pm - 7pm)


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Kombucha is a wonderful way to support your gut mircobiome. The supermarket varieties so often don’t include the live microbes.

In this workshop, you’ll get to taste samples of different flavours of booch as well as learning about starting your brewing journey with your very own SCOBY. 

You’ll learn about starting the fermentation process, how to create great tasting brews and the way to look after your SCOBY.

The workshop is run by the wonderful and experienced Lou from Twisted Kombucha.

 This workshop is kept to small numbers so you can get your questions answered and get help from Lou.


Find out about Lou / Twisted Kombucha here 

This event is pre-paid only. There is a cancellation fee of £10pp <48hrs before the event. This is a seated event, please book tickets for the groups you wish to attend with.

Location: 132 Crouch Hill, N8 9DX (the shop)