Pét Nat Poire 2020


Little Pomona

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Handpicked Longbois, Faucett and Antricotin pears are milled and macerated for 48 hours, then sent to tank ferment spontaneously, before later bottling as a pét nat - no additions. The result is a sleek, elegant perry that oozes creamy ripe pear fruit with subtle tannins, gentle sparkle and soft acid.

ABV: 6.6%

Susanna and James Forbes found their dream orchard in Thornbury, North Herefordshire in 2014: 120 trees with four classic cider apple varieties. They began making cider and perry using natural methods, producing drinks with the character and structure to match with food. Now known as Little Pomona, they were also the first to create dry, keg-conditioned cider on a commercial basis.