Sacré Bleu 140g


Palace Cutlure

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Aged and slightly picante with subtle notes roquefort and white wine. Pairs really nice with our vegan white wine and seeded crackers. Our new batch is creamier and more like a Gorgonzola, infused with Italian sweet wine.

Special edition, just a small batch done every month.

Ingredients: Activated cashew nut (63%), filtered water, Coconut milk, French vegan white wine, Almonds, Halen Môn sea salt, vegetable ash, live culture, penicillium roqueforti

Palace Culture was born in the Crystal Palace kitchen of the Parmigiani family, when Mirko's young son's dairy intolerance led him to develop a delicious dairy-free cheese for the family to enjoy. They now make their artisan cheeses at Spa Terminus, Bermondsey, using a traditional process of fermentation, which creates beneficial enzymes and strains of gut-friendly live cultures, B-vitamins and minerals.