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Loch Duart is conventionally farmed salmon but is farmed ‘as close to nature as possible’. Loch Duart salmon feed mostly on wild capelin. They firmly believe that you only get the quality and healthfulness (omega-3 etc) by using plenty of marine ingredients and have worked hard on finding sustainable inputs for their feed.

Sole of Discretion is a collective of small-scale fishers based out of Plymouth harbour, and other like-minded fisherfolk around the UK. They commit to catching fish and gathering shellfish with as little damage to the marine environment as possible; to contribute to the livelihood of small-scale fishers and their communities; and to offer exceptional quality.
 All boats are under 10 metres long and they use rod and line, static gill and trammel nets, and mid-water trawls for shoaling species such as sardine or herring. They know all of their fishers and can trace your fish back to its boat.