Tartare Relish 190g


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A spicy, piquant relish that makes perfect restaurant-quality Steak Tartare at home - or simply add it to your armoury of condiments for a delightful tomato kick.

    Ingredients: Tomato paste, gherkins, smoked onion ketchup (caramelised onion, caster sugar, red wine vinegar (sulphites), smoked water, glucose, sherry vinegar, salt, garlic powder, sunflower oil), water, capers, dijon mustard, sherry vinegar, vegetable oil, soy sauce, anchovies, sea salt, chilli flakes.

    Wildflower General Store is a range of condiments created during lockdown by head chef of Elystan Street restaurant, Aaron Potter. They are made in small batches in New Covent Garden market.