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A selection of The London Honey Co's finest honeys from hives sited across the British countryside, presented in a beautiful gold foiled gift box - perfect as an accompaniment to cheese or for drizzling over your favourite breakfast option.

Essex Borage Honey: Monofloral
Don’t be fooled by the pale colour to think this makes for mild flavour; this is one of the most distinctly British honeys, prized forits delicate medicinal and herbal ‘green’ notes.

Lancashire Ling Heather: Monofloral
A truly wondrous sight, the rich colour of Heather Honey is one of natures most divine creations. The most savoury, and the richest honey of them all - taste the big, bold, ripe flavours of the moors through the ‘jelly like’ texture.

Kent Creamed Honey: Polyforal (from different nectar sources) 
The beehives are situated on a beautiful old country estate in Kent. They forage on broad beans, brassicas and hawthorn, so this sweet creamed honey also has delicate vegetal notes.

The London Honey Co started out with Steve Benbow installing hives on his rooftop near Tower Bridge, after being inspired by encounters with (then illegal) rooftop beekeepers in New York. Now he works with beekeepers across the UK, and we have focused on honeys he offers that are made in London and neighbouring counties.