Two Nods, Za'atar Cashew Butter


Two Nods

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A spread? A sauce? An ingredient! Za’atar Cashew Butter’s not just for toast!

Wait it’s herby, zesty, salty, and crunchy? What’s going on here?! Spread it on your pita, smack a dollop onto your mezze, tuck in with some fried eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Bump it into a salad dressing to get the real herby-ness out of it!

Ingredients: Cashews, Za’atar (thyme, oregano, sesame, sumac, salt), rapeseed oil, flaked Cornish sea salt. 

Producing the best nut butters on the market - Two Nods is focused not just on creating the best product possible, but doing so with our climate, our community, and our long-term sustainability in mind.