Wild Fruit & Flower Hamper



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Almost too beautiful to open! These hampers contain a trio of preserved wild ingredients from the Kent countryside:

  • Elderberry and Meadowsweet Preserve 50g - a luxurious topping for pancakes and crumpets. 
  • Pickled Morello cherries 150g - use to rewild your Spritzers, cocktails or roasted meats and cheeses over the festive period!
  • Pickled Rose Petals 50g - each jar contains over a hundred hand-picked petals, which are gently marinaded and jarred midsummer. Stir through cream-based desserts, sprinkle over salads or add to cocktails.

Led by Miles Irving, the Forager team hand-pick nutritious and flavoursome wild produce from the Kent countryside, always with respect for the land and a passion for discovering new edible plants. They choose leaves, berries, mushrooms and nuts at their natural peak, so you can explore the seasons through these wild ingredients.