Organic Witheridge in Hay Cheese 160g


Nettlebed Creamery

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The first time Witheridge was entered for an award, it won three stars with Great Taste. The hay in which it is aged lends grassy notes to the rind as well as keeping the cheese beautifully moist. Witheridge has the strength of a mature cheddar, but the sweetness and umami notes of an Alpine cheese.

Ingredients: pasteurised organic cow's milk

Rose Grimond's  grandfather started the dairy at Henley-on-Thames in 1950 and it converted to being organic in 2001. Rose set up Nettlebed Creamery in 2015 to make cheeses from their own milk, and they partner with a number of local community groups including Style Acre, a charity providing support for young people with learning disabilities.