Driftwood Goat Cheese 200g


White Lake Cheese

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An intense and creamy goats cheese with a wonderful rich taste. This ash covered log is full of earthy and peppery flavours, making it the perfect treat for any cheese board. 

Indulge in a silky smooth texture with unexpected fruity and citrus notes that makes this soft cheese so special. Driftwood has won countless awards for being an absolutely stunning cheese, and we can see why! 

Ingredients: Raw goat's milk, vegetarian rennet, cultures, vegetable ash.

Pete Humphries has been making cheese in the UK since 1995, from Cheddar to Bath Soft. In 2005 he joined forces with local goat herder Roger Longman to set up his own dairy, White Lake Cheese. Using the milk from Roger’s 600+ goats and Pete’s know-how, they have developed a range of original and delicious cheeses.