Customer Service

Don’t be shy! If you have any issues or questions about our products or services, please do get in touch.

Email or call us on 07870 207798 and we’ll do our best to help.

Age Verification

We operate a 'Challenge 25' policy in the shop, so do not be offended if we ask you for ID before you purchase alcohol. You must be at least 18 years old to buy alcohol, whether in-store or online. By purchasing online you agree that you are at least 18 years of age.

Covid-19 Customer Safety Policy 

Following guidance from the UK Government, we have prioritised certain measures in order to minimise the risk of potential COVID-19 contamination for our customers as our new shop opens. 

The safeguarding measures to reduce the potential contamination risks include:

  • In line with guidance, staff have been trained on the relevant safety measures.
  • High-touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Hand sanitisers are available for customers to use in the shop.
  • Signs have been placed in the front of the shop to encourage customers to wear a face covering and use the hand sanitiser.
  • Visible floor markings have been laid out to indicate the recommended 2m physical distancing measures clearly and to control flow of customer traffic.
  • Primary re-stocking procedures have been confined to off-peak hours to reduce potential contamination risk.
  • A designated Click & Collect area has been set aside at the back of the shop to limit customer interaction, and we are able to bring customer orders to the front door on request.

Currently, there is no evidence to show food or food packaging is associated with the transmission of COVID-19.

Wearing a face covering is not required by law whilst in the shop but is recommended, and is appreciated by us and our staff.