About Us

Combining our love of great food, passion for eating sustainability and interest in all things tech, Fridge of Plenty is an online store as well as a bricks and mortar 'urban farm shop' in Crouch End, North London. 

We sell local, seasonal and sustainable produce, and our website and home delivery options make it easy to order everything from an organic veg box to locally-made cheese to English wine.

What sustainability means for us 

We strive for low food miles, minimal plastic, fair pay and sustainability in everything we do. We source organic produce wherever possible because it’s better for soil (only natural fertilisers), biodiversity (no synthetic pesticides), animals (fewer antibiotics, higher standards of welfare) and humans (higher in nutrients, lower in nitrates and pesticide residues). We want all the food we sell to be sustainable, nutritious and delicious.

We only stock sustainably-caught fish and grass-fed, high-welfare meat. Much of our fresh produce is harvested to order to help minimise food waste. We also run the shop on 100% green energy and donate all unsold food to local people in need.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve, and we love to talk sustainability if you want to pop in and have a chat.