Les Vignerons D’ Estézargues, Carambouille


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Country: France / Region: Rhône Valley

Grape: Cinsault / Grenache / Carignan

Carambouille is a wine that shouldn’t really exist, why? mainly because of its price. We’ll explain – lighter red wines (not rosé) coming from anywhere in the Rhone valley, from the posh north with the likes of Dard & Ribo (older vintages) through the chic Ardeche with Steen, sage and others to the south with l’Anglore and his disciples, these kind of wines will cost you at least double (more). The aforementioned are huge names and there is no direct comparison, HOWEVER, the concept remains; grapes full of flavour from these sun-soaked regions made into delicate red wines with under 14% alcohol is a pretty appetising prospect. And as they do, Vigneron d’Estezargues simply flip the script with amazing ease and make it all possible with Carambouille 2023. And just so that we enjoy it to the maximum they used a clear bottle with a lovely label. Perfect. We recommend serving slightly chilled but not cold (15-20 minutes in the fridge)