Crouch End Candles, Beach Bum Scented Candle 220g


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Escape on a cloud of our beach inspired scent...
Let us whisk you away to a remote tropical Island .. where crystal blue water laps gently onto powder-white sands.
After a long day lounging on a secluded, sun-drenched beach, we stumble across a small intimate beach hangout, where a DJ is playing our fave chilled beats, floating out across the sand towards the pink and gold sunset which is blazing over the ocean like a flame. 
A gentle breeze carries scent of sun drenched coconut, whilst the hint of musky sandalwood comes from a nearby forest.
We sit back to watch the perfect view and you say "this must be heaven... let's stay forever"

Jen has been making candles since 2019, and during lockdown decided to turn her passion into a business: Crouch End Candles. Her hand-poured artisan soy wax candles and home scents are made right here in North London.