Calcarius Nu Litr Orange



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Tastes just as good as it looks, a great introductory orange wine to get you and your mates hooked. Excellent freshness, and some grip, but the main draw is that juicy peach quality. Broad citrus and stone fruit flavours with a light hint of floral honey. Easy to like, and in a litre format!

Calcarius are based in Apricena, in the northern region of Gargano, Puglia (just south of Abruzzo). It is known for its natural winemaking practices and minimal intervention approach.

Valentina Passalacqua oversees a farm comprising 80 hectares of vines, fruit, and vegetables. This project bears the fruits of patient observation, attention to terroir, and a commitment to indigenous varietals. The vineyards are characterised by Kimmeridgian calcareous soils (thus Calcarius) and are true wines of terroir - mineral, tense, and uncompromising. Valentina has been the leading exponent of biodynamics in Puglia since 2000.