Candle Making Workshop (Thursday 20th of June, 7pm - 10pm)


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 An intimate candle making workshop with Jen Freebury (a.k.a the founder of Crouch End Candles).  

During the workshop you will start by learning about how our sense of smell works and how fragrance affects our mood and emotions. You will then learn about the different fragrance families and what ‘Top’,  ‘Heart’ and ‘Base’ notes are.
You will have the opportunity to smell and test a selection of signature fragrances before she takes you step-by-step through the candle making process.  You will then make your own 220g scented soy wax candle.                                                                                            
Each participant will have their own blending equipment, mixing jug, thermometer, and glassware to use, as well as aprons for any small spills!

The candles you make will cure overnight and can be collected the next day.


Find out about Crouch End Candles here 

This event is pre-paid only. There is a cancellation fee of £10pp <48hrs before the event. This is a seated event, please book tickets for the groups you wish to attend with.

Nibbles and drinks are included. If you have any dietary requirements / restrictions, please let us know in advance so we can make sure there are suitable options.

Location: 132 Crouch Hill, N8 9DX (the shop)