Citizens of Soil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 500ml


Citizens of Soil

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Citizens of Soil extra virgin Greek olive oil has a distinct grassy aroma and a pleasingly peppery finish. Produced in Crete by the Amargiotakis family, this small batch oil is cold extracted and lightly filtered so it’s full of flavour and slightly cloudy in appearance.

This superb Greek oil is made with Lianolia olives that are milled within 24 hours of harvest for maximum freshness and taste. It would make a great gift for keen cooks and olive oil connoisseurs.

Use this extra virgin olive oil to dress a Greek salad studded with juicy tomatoes, olives and salty feta. You can drizzle it over pizza, grilled fish and roasted vegetables or mix it with lemon juice, garlic and oregano to marinade skewers of pork and chicken. It’s even delicious over ice cream!

Ingredients: 100% extra virgin olive oil

Citizens of Soil source from female farmers that practice regenerative agriculture in their groves.