Citizens of Soil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


Citizens of Soil

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A delicate and fruity single estate olive oil with aromas of red apple, oregano, and a hint of basil and mint.

The mouthfeel is elegant, with even more dried herbs on the palate. Finished with cracked black pepper and a gentle, lingering spice.

Fresh and flavourful, this herbaceous extra virgin olive oil is perfect for pestos, salads, and ice cream! Farmed by the Manginas Family in the Peloponnese region of Greece, this fresh and flavourful oil is made by an award-winning producer and olive oil sommelier—Marianna. With her family in the village of Kalentzi, they practise regenerative agriculture, farming with nature and championing their local varieties, Manaki and Megaritiki.

Once these olives are picked, they’re milled using cold extraction within 24 hours to maintain the highest-quality extra virgin olive oil.