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Cobble Lane make their Coppa real slow! Giving it as much time in their chamber as possible, up to 5 months to mature. This gentle aging process allows it to develop slowly, avoiding overdrying and to generate a rich fruity flavour, and soft marbled texture.  

They use retired breeding sows in production, this givesa far superior meat for charcuterie and is highlighted perfectly with the collars being not only twice the size as a standard collar but also having twice the marbling as a standard pig. 

This cured marbled collar is a great showcase for flavoursome, well-raised British pork.

Ingredients - British Pork Collar (95.1%) , Salt, Cane Sugar, Spices (0.3%), Garlic (0.1%). Preservatives: E250 E252. (Pork content 166g per 100g)