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Country Cordials

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If you have ever picked your own elderflowers you’ll know that the season is never long enough – these delicate white flowers with their floral, creamy fragrance quickly fade in bright sunshine and are easily bruised by heavy showers.

Country Cordials have combined the subtle background of apple juice with the rich-but-elegant floral scent of the elderflower. It’s not as overpowering as cordials made just from the blossom on its own but a delicious, delicate hint of early summer that you can drink all year.

Enjoy with still or fizzy water, in dry white wine or a glass of bubbles, stirred into a gin cocktail with a wisp of cucumber garnish or with a measure of vodka and topped up with sparkling water for a long, late brunch-time refresher.

Country Cordial are handmade in cornwall in the Tamar Valley. Small batches are made using traditional methods to retain the fresh, clean flavours of the fruit. Surrounded by orchards and market gardens, Country cordials are based on locally-grown fresh fruit – mainly Cornish apples, plums, strawberries, blackcurrants, elderflowers and rhubarb.