Dorset Sea Salt Co, Oak Smoked Sea Salt


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A long and lazy smoke over apple oak wood chips. These sea salt flakes are deftly smoked to impart another dimension to your food. The subtle Smokey taste works incredibly on a variety of foods. We prefer to keep it simple, so sprinkle these flakes over your scrambled eggs or peaches and crème fresh and you’ll be onto a winner.

Ingredients: 100% Dorset Sea Salt

The Dorset Sea Salt company was founded in 2017 as a Princes trust supported business. Every flake of sea salt is created at their salt works on Portland, Dorset, using pristine seawater collected from Chesil beach. Dorset brine is enriched with sea derived electrolytes to allow each flake to form in optimum conditions. The delicate alchemy of salt making demands exact temperatures and concentrations of seawaters, brines and electrolytes.