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Our 100% orange juice is made from oranges that are 100% delicious, sweet and juicy. We hope you enjoy it. 

About Eager:

For years in order to give the impression of freshness and healthiness, juice companies have said their juice must be refrigerated. But in reality, no juice is actually fresh (unless it’s squeezed in front of your eyes) – by the time you see it in supermarket fridges your juice has already been squeezed, pasteurised and shipped from the warmer parts of the world, then pasteurised again, repackaged, stored in chilled warehouses and transported in refrigerated lorries to the supermarket.

Really, the only thing you need to keep your juice tasting great is airtight packaging. Chilled is a serving suggestion, not a storage necessity. Eager's great tasting, all-natural juices are packed in airtight containers, so they don’t waste energy on unnecessary refrigeration along the supply chain, reducing CO2 emissions by 25%.