Halen Mon, Sea Salt Smoked Over Oak, 100g


Halen Môn

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Pure sea salt made from Anglesey sea water, smoked over oak chippings - perfect for scrambled eggs, potato wedges or to add depth to a marinade. Anglesey has some of the cleanest water in the British Isles - so clean that seahorses breed there - and this salt has a pure taste and intense crunch.

Ingredient: Halen Môn pure sea salt PDO

Halen Môn salt is hand-made at Menai Bridge on the Isle of Anglesey. After passing through two natural filters (a mussel bed and a sandbank), the salt water is gently heated in a vacuum so it boils at a low temperature. A very salty brine is created, which is then put into shallow crystallisation tanks for the salt crystals to form.