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Little Mercies

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Bellini - Fermented Peach, Lemon Myrtle, White Wine. A utterly refreshing take on the classic Peach Bellini, this combines distilled lemon myrtle, fermented peach, and white wine, all carbonated to perfection to bring you this fizzy marvel.

Summer cup - Raspberry, Strawberry, Bitters, Ginger, Mint, Bubbles. Our take on the ubiquitous Pimms, but packed full of flavour like it should be. We take French and Italian bitters, add raspberry and strawberry, distilled mint, and distilled ginger, and cucumber extract, and then carbonate the whole thing till it's as fizzy as can be!

Mojito - Distilled Mint, Eminent Rum, Soft Lime, Soda. To make this we distill fresh mint, as quickly as we can at as low a temperature as we can, under 35ºC. We want this to stay as fresh as possible for you! To add to this we also distill Palo Santo, a type of wood from Peru, as this also has some amazing woody and menthol notes. Finish this with a good slug of Eminente Ambar Claro 3 Year Rum, and some lime, sugar and lactic acid.

Super Collins - Super Citrus Gin, Soft Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Soda. This has been on our classic cocktail menu for a long long time now, its one of the first classics we started looking at perfecting. Taking the original idea for the drink to its extreme, while still staying true to the origins was the what we aimed for here.

Opened in October 2018, Little Mercies is the creative vision of business partner Alan Sherwood. Mercies is a neighbourhood bar in Crouch End, serving draft beers and cider, coffee and delicious cocktails. The kitchen serves some of the best food in North London, all through the evening.