Little Mercies, Moro Margarita 500ml


Little Mercies

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Preserved Blood Orange, Volcan Blanco Tequila, Blood Orange Salt (5 Serves)

Made with salt preserved blood oranges that sit for a minimum of 3 months until they are soft.

Once they have preserved, we strain the fruit from the liquid that the salt draws out, blend the fruit to a puree and then distill this with Volcan Tequila.

With the crystal clear orange tequila, we then add fresh Volcan Tequila, sugar, citric acid and clarified blood orange salt. That saline is made by clarifying the liquid the salt pulls from the oranges, so brings some orange oils with it.

Opened in October 2018, Little Mercies is the creative vision of business partner Alan Sherwood. Mercies is a neighbourhood bar in Crouch End, serving draft beers and cider, coffee and delicious cocktails. The kitchen serves some of the best food in North London, all through the evening.