Mint Choc Chip Lactose-free Ice Cream 500ml


Jai's Ice Cream

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Creamy, refreshing peppermint ice cream made with the purest quality Norfolk peppermint. Jai makes her dark chocolate shards in-house, to create the perfect crunch and then melt. 

IngredientsMilkcream, sugar, free-range egg yolk, dark chocolate (soy lecithin), dextrose, cacao powder, Madagascan vanilla extract, peppermint extract, sea salt, spirulina, pure guar gum, pure carob tree flour, lactase enzyme.

Jai's Ice Cream is the UK's first lactose-free dairy ice cream and it's made in Muswell Hill! Fresh dairy milk, cream and free-range egg yolks go into every batch - then a bit of all-natural magic is added in the form of a lactase enzyme. This helpfully breaks down the natural sugars in the dairy, making it lactose-free and easy to digest.