Cobble Lane Cured, Trio of Cured Meats 150g


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A trio of Bresaola, Fennel & Garlic Salami and Coppa from Cobble Lane Cured.

Bresaola ingredients: British beef silverside, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, oregano, black pepper, red wine, balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt, E250, E252.

Fennel salami ingredients: British pork, fennel seed, garlic, white pepper, black pepper, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, red wine, salt, dextrose, E250, E252.

Coppa ingredients: Pork collar, salt, dextrose, black pepper, nutmeg, clove, juniper, mace, garlic.

Cobble Lane Cured is an artisan cure-house found on what was presumably once a cobbled back lane near Upper Street. Butchers Adam and Matt make fermented and air-dried products using high-welfare meat from traditional British breeds.