Redemption Roasters, Rubén Ortega Beans 250g


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This single origin from Colombia – Rubén Ortega – is named after the representative of Asociación Sembradores de Vida.

We have been working and growing our relationship with Sembradores de Vida for 3 years now, which allows us to look at more unique processing types, such as this micro lot, produced on Rubén’s farm.

Rubén waited for the coffee to ripen evenly in the farm, until almost over-ripe at 35 days; after harvesting, it fermented for 14-16 hours, was depulped, before being left without water for 24 hours in a fermentation tank. The coffee was then washed twice before being dried over 10-12 days. 

This has resulted in a deeper flavour profile than the traditionally processed lot. Dried and tropical fruit notes like raisin, papaya and strawberries are cradled in a delightfully sticky, butterscotch-like mouthfeel and sweetness.

We take pride in protecting our planet. All of our coffee bags are 100% recyclable.

Redemption Roasters produce top-quality coffees whilst training and rehabilitating prisoners. Their roastery is inside the walls of HMP The Mount and their network of barista academies operate in institutions across the country.