Two Farmers, Salt & Cider Vinegar Crisps in Compostable Bag 150g


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Not only are these hand-cooked crisps full of flavour and perfectly crunchy, they're also the first crisps to come in a 100% compostable bag. Made with Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta and Taurus potato varieties, and flavoured with salt and cider vinegar.

Ingredients: Potatoes, high-oleic sunflower oil, sherry vinegar powder, sea salt, Two Famers cider vinegar powder, sugar, cider vinegar powder, acid (citric acid), rice flour, natural flavouring, antioxidant (rosemary extract).

Two Farmers are based in Herefordshire, where they grow, harvest, store, cook and pack their crisps all on the farm. The packets are made from cellulose and sustainably-grown eucalyptus trees from managed plantations, so will fully compost in about 6 months.