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Our organic veg box is a treasure trove. Always full of the staples, you'll also find a few nice surprises depending on what the season brings. 


Typical contents:
1 x Carrots (300g)
1 x Chioggia Beetroot, Loose (400g)
1 x Cos Lettuce (300g)
1 x Green Courgettes (300g)
1 x Harlequin Squash (apx. 600g, £2.50/Kg)
1 x Leeks (200g, £4.45/Kg)
1 x Maris Bard new potatoes (apx. 500g)
1 x Purple Sprouting Broccoli (150g)
1 x White Cauliflower


Veg boxes are only available for collection / delivery Thursday and Friday each week.

Orders must be placed by 6pm on Wednesdays.