London Smoke & Cure, Aged Smoked Black Back Bacon 180g


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A classic back bacon taken from the loin of our Gloucester Old Spot pigs, these rashers remain happily different to what you find in the supermarket.

A dark, caramelised and complex bacon. Traditionally dry-cured with pepper, juniper and bay and marinated in thick black British molasses. Air-dried and smoked over oak and beech wood. Great Taste 2* Award Winner.

Our bacon is worlds apart from commercial rashers. As well as being dry aged for a deeper flavours, and smoked twice over real oak and beech woods, there are some key parts of our process that separate us out:

  • It's the pork: we source our meat for bacon from the same superb supplier as we do for our charcuterie. We use responsibly farmed pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pork. With a fantastic depth of flavour to the fat, these beautiful animals are perfect for a premium product.
  • Cured and crafted by hand: it's just what we do. We don't inject any water or brine into the product, opting instead to traditionally dry-­cure our pork by hand before air drying it for weeks. When you cook this bacon you won’t be getting any grey, bubbling liquid from it, that's for sure.

London Smoke & Cure was started in 2015 by Ross Mitchell, who is now joined by a small team of artisan smokers, curers and innovators. Based in a former stable block off Streatham High Road, the craftsmanship of their products is immediately evident