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Sweet Lounge

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Vegan Fizzy Tropical Pineapples Gummies

  • New tropical flavour from the famous Vegan confectionary, Sweet Lounge
  • Made using natural fruit juice 
  • Packaging is 100% plastic-free
  • When finished with the pouch, simply dispose of it in your compost bin or food waste bin and it will naturally degrade in 4-6 months

Launched by Greta, Sweet Lounge produces exceptional plant-based gummies and brings delightful confections to sweet tooths across the U.K. Sweet Lounge pouches are completely compostable, their gummies 100% vegan, and they never compromise on taste or texture. They are passionate about great-tasting sweets with the planet at the heart of what they do – their mission statement is to put thoughtful attention on their environmental impact and make eco-conscious improvements the very forefront of their brand.