Redemption Roasters, The Block Espresso Blend Ground Coffee 250g


Redemption Roasters

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The Block is Redemption's classic, full-bodied house espresso bend. With a chocolatey Brazil base and sweet top-notes of honey and poached pear, The Block is low on acidity and works perfectly with milk.

Taste Notes: Cocoa, Fudge, Poached Pear

Redemption Roasters produce top-quality coffees whilst training and rehabilitating prisoners. Their roastery is inside the walls of HMP The Mount and their network of barista academies operate in institutions across the country.

The base of The Block is produced by Patricia Coelho, a farmer in Mogiana, Brazil. In an industry where women provide 70% of production labour, but own fewer than 30% of coffee farms worldwide, Patricia is an anomaly. As the eldest daughter, she learned her coffee skills from her father, and today she proudly claims the titles of producer, mother, wife, merchant and businesswoman.