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This vinegar is made from summer tomatoes bursting with flavour. It works brilliantly added to soups (especially tomato of course) and tomato based sauces. It is also great as a dressing mixed with olive oil, English mustard and plenty of salt and pepper.

Tomato wine is yet to be discovered in the UK but has gained some traction in Canada with a reported taste profile of 'a hint of fruit with zesty aspects'. Tomato juice is a widely accepted drink either on its own or mixed, with the famous Bloody Mary being a great example.

The Slow Vinegar Company make this wine from homegrown Marmande tomatoes, chosen for their strong growth and excellent taste. 

Acidity: 5%

Andrew and Sarah make their vinegars in Yorkshire following an age-old process, whereby natural ingredients are transformed through two fermentations into complex-tasting wine vinegar. Their vinegars are unpasteurised and contain the mother, with sweet and sour kept in perfect balance.