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Fresh rose and sweet acai comes together to create this refreshing, hydrating water kefir rose and acai drink that is a beautiful hit for the senses. Produced by London fermentary, this water kefir rose, and acai drink contains a superhit of goodness for your body by containing 160 billion lactic-acid bacteria per 100ml, providing essential bacteria to aid your immune system, digestive system and general body's wellbeing. London fermentary believes in creating health in an easy and tasty format, such as is the case with their Kefir rose and acai drink. In addition to all of the health benefits kefir provides, this drink is made with rose, is high in polyphenols which are good for your heart, and acai berries which are considered a super

Ingredients: Rose & Acai (Water, Organic cane sugar, Organic apricots, Salt, Naturally occurring lactic acid cultures, Rose petals, Açai berry powder)