Arndorfer, Gruner Handcrafted Veltliner



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Vegan friendly, biodynamic, very low sulphur, extremely fresh, vibrant and life giving wine! This no additional sulphur wild little Gruner is spicy, herbal, medicinal and fascinating, you can neck it from a mug if you want, such is the vibrancy of the wine, or with something spicy food wise, it is a belter! Oh...and it is unfiltered so has a slight haze!

The Arndorfer way is artisan and natural all the way, they place importance on the role of the soil in producing high quality and genuine wines and we can't put it much better than they can: 'Origin for us though is restricted to the vineyard and the vines. The vines soak up the vigour of the soil and their surroundings and give the grapes their unmistakable character based on their origin. Even though we do not feel bound by tradition, we want to emphasise that the influence of the vineyard is crucial to our philosophy. We are convinced that it is impossible to make two wines exactly the same if the grapes come from different vineyards, regions or countries. We think that the most important part of the vineyard is life and balance.

Only 5000 bottles produced. Manual harvest. No additional Sulphur added in the winemaking process only 20mg/ltr. Indigenous yeast. Matured in stainless steel vats.